Essay on Waste Management : The City Of Los Angeles

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Los Angles is the second largest city in the United States. Given that, waste management is vital to the public’s health and safety. The State of California has become one of the leaders in preventing further damage to the Earth’s ecosystem. The City of Los Angeles has created innovated methods to dispose of trash and created city ordinances to prevent further waste in the landfills. They have programs designed for residents, business owners, and local government. As a result of California’s examples, most major American cities are following their example. Waste management is an important part of our lives and our earth. Every individual, business, corporation and government should do everything they can to restore the cleanliness of our environment.
Not everyone in Los Angles takes part in waste management options, but the city has set up programs specifically designed for residents to make it easier for the individual. For instance, residential curbside recycling program, which offers three bins to discard their trash. The black bin is for non-recyclable trash, the blue pin is for recyclable trash and the green bin is for green waste. People would be surprised how much recyclable waste are in their homes. For example, the blue bin collects aluminum foil and bakeware, aluminum cans, soup cans, veggie cans, coffee cans, tuna cans, (all steel and tin cans), cardboard, magazines, unsolicited mail, paper cardboard from dairy and juice cartons, phone books, clear, green…

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