Was The War Came Home? Essay

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The War Came Home This statement might seem small to few but for the nearly six million British and German soldiers that were disabled due to World War 1, it was the truth.(When) Every day the men had to look at their injuries and diseases and see them as a shadow of war. Both sides, the British and the Germans, fought in the same war and had similar wounds that fellow citizens couldn’t imagine carrying with them every day. In the span of fifty-two months over 9.5 million soldiers were murdered, that is averaged to be 5,600 men every day that the war continued to happen on. (When) Twenty million men were severely wounded and nearly eight million men would go back to their homes permanently disabled. (WHEN) These injuries were the worst that had ever been seen at the time. One could say, that the war will never be over for those who had to walk with it the permanent scars. However, Germany and Britain had different views of how to deal with the soldiers coming from the front lines. Many of which had injuries unseen before in history. Injuries, some severe and some permanent, were the worst ever seen at the time. This was due to many factors one of them being shrapnel that tore through the skin and bone. (cite) The major cut was not only life threatening but extremely hard to take care of on the battlefield. Most victims of shrapnel would pass away unless cared for immediately. However, not all of these injuries were physical. Another factor would be “Shell shock”, the men…

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