Was Caesar Ambitious? Using Mark Anthony 's Funeral Speech And Caesar 's Own Words

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Was Caesar Ambitious? Using Mark Anthony’s funeral speech and Caesar’s own words, analyze what kind of king Caesar would have been had he lived. The play relays the tragic death of Julio Caesar. After Caesar defeated Pompey, he returns triumphant to Rome were the lower and middle class are his supporters, while the senate has grown in envy of his popularity. During the festival at Caesar’s return, Anthony offer the crown to Caesar three times and three times he refuses it. His ambitious was that of power and control. Perhaps he refused the crown to show his supporters that he did not care much about being a king. He is already the Emperor and has the Emperor of Rome he had the control of the Army. The Romans have seen that he was the best Roma have had in a long time. However, the senate on the other hand could not take the aristocracy Caesar is giving to himself, and they are afraid that he may want to be crowning king even after he has refuse the crown three times. The senate guided by Cassius and Brutus plan the conspiracy to assassinate Caesar precisely because he is ambitious. The senate fails to see that Caesar ambitious was that of power and fame. His desire was to rule the world by force and did not accepted opinions that would not suit his ego. This aspiration of control made him many enemies in the senate, which at a very short time he paid with his life. Nevertheless, for the people of Rome Caesar was great leader. He was one of the first Roman…

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