Warm Hearted Con-Artist In Cannery Row By John Steinbeck

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Mejia 1
Emily Mejia
Professor Hoelle
English 101
December 15, 2017
Mack: Warm Hearted Con-Artist
Cannery Row is a novel by John Steinbeck that is filled with people who don’t really fit the norms; just about everyone that lives in Cannery Row has an odd back story. One character that really stood out was Mack. Mack is the leader of a group of bums that coined the group name “Mack and the Boys”. I believe that Mack is the leader of this group because he is the most cunning and sharp. Many believe that because he has these traits, Mack is a cold-hearted man; what kind of sane person would take advantage of people daily, right? But I believe that Mack has many redeeming qualities and is actually a warm-hearted, fun, and loyal man just trying
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Throughout Cannery Row, whenever there is a new adventure to begin, it is almost always Mack’s ideas. Mack is the brain of the group; he is the one that always comes up with the solutions to their problems. Although he is not an educated scholar, he is very intelligent. A person who is not street-smart would not be able to trick people the way Mack does. His problem-solving skills work very quickly as well. At one point in the story, Mack and the boys get caught being somewhere they should not havebeen, but Mack quickly gets them out of trouble and even gets a party out of it. If Mack had not acquired such important qualities …show more content…
It is commonly thought of as wrong to trick people, but it is all he and the boys can do to survive in a place like Cannery Row. Some things can be forgiven in this context. At the beginning, when they are first introduced, it is said that “they lived in the pipes when it was damp but in fine weather they lived in the shadow of the black cypress tree at the top of the lot”. If they were acting this way in a different setting, it would be thought of in a different way. If Mack and the boys were to misbehave in a rich city while already living comfortably, their actions would be acts of greed and childishness. Being cunning was a way of survival; no one wants to see thedeath of a bunny but there is no other way a fox can

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