Essay on Warfare During The Medieval Era

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Warfare during the medieval era was a huge shift from earlier warfare with new technology and tactics. The Middle Ages was a time of constant threat from foreign invaders. Due to all these threats, people took as many defensive precautions as possible as well as utilize new weaponry. Due to all the brand new military innovations, many historians differ on what change was the most important in the advancement of war. Some focus on weaponry and the development of cavalries while others focus on the advancement and development of new defensive structures, causing a more defensive style of warfare. When war is talked about, most people neglect to think of churches, often considered to be sanctuaries. During the Middle Ages however, there were plenty of churches in the Anglo-Scottish border region and due to them standing in dangerous territory, many “churches throughout the realm were hurriedly fortified to provide a means of defence”. Invaders would often attempt to ransack these churches for loot and thus became more heavily fortified in order to serve as a first line of defense against foreign threats. Some of these defenses consisted of arrow slits, a portcullis, fortified gates and defending soldiers. Churches, traditionally a place of peace, had become a guard tower of sorts placed precariously on the border. The defensive capabilities of churches pale in comparison to the awe inspiring castles of the Middle Ages. Such castles were very imposing structures to…

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