Warfare And Violence : A Part Of Human Nature Essay

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Warfare and violence has been a part of human life since before history was recorded. As time goes, and war still is a part of life, there is an ongoing debate on whether war and violence are inevitable. War is clearly evitable with the way humans were in the past, as well as how their closest known biological relatives act. By examining history, as well as the looking at the behavioural evidence of other primates, it is clear that warfare and violence is not inevitable. Those who believe that war is inevitable argue that violence and war is a part of human nature. In the article “War! What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing” by John Horgan (2008), the author states, “War, in other words, is inevitable because it is innate, “in our genes,” as my students like to put it” (p. 1). People who believe that war is inevitable say that humans are naturally aggressive. With violence being a part of human nature, war is always bound to happen. However, one of the closest genetic relatives of humans has shown evidence against this argument. In the article, Horgan paraphrases Frans de Waal, saying: ““No deadly warfare,” de Waal says, “little hunting, no male dominance, and enormous amounts of sex.” Their promiscuity, he speculates, reduces violence both within bonobo troops, just as intermarriage does between human tribes” (p. 1). Bonobos are close relatives genetically to humans. If a species who shares majority of the genetic code with humans, then they should be closely…

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