War One And World War Two Essay

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ESL 015
Saif Elsayed
Comparison and contrast

World War One & World War Two

The 20th century has experienced two of the most horrific human conflicts in the history of humanity. World War One and World War Two were harsh and cruel, filled with injustice and despair; even towards the winning side. The damage caused by the wars was substantial, both wars killing tens of millions and the damage enough to economically cripple any country that was involved Even though both wars were equally incredibly inhumane, the second world war had a more lasting impact on Europe and the world in terms of casualties, severity, and long term consequences. Just how deadly were both the wars? The fact that we estimate the number of casualties in the tens of millions is enough to truly show the scope of how catastrophic the casualties were. 16 million people were killed throughout the first world war, another 20 million wounded and another two million died from illnesses and diseases. World war two, on the other hand, had a shocking 60 or more million deaths throughout a bloody 6 year period that included 20 million deaths just from illnesses and diseases. The death toll was on all nations, almost every country in the world had a casualty. World War Two really was the ‘deadliest conflict in human history’, having killed 2.5 percent of the world population. The only disaster that was deadlier than WWII was the spanish flu that killed around 50 million. It was clear WWII was bloodier, and that…

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