War I : War Never Changes Essay

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War, War never changes. Everybody knows what a war is. There have been many wars in the past and current and more to come in the future. Everybody knows what blood sheds in wars. Everybody knows the pain people have to endure during the war. But do they know how it all came to be? Kratos, the god of war, was lying beside a palm tree in Mount Olympus in the milieu of the gods.He saw a strange symbol when he was lying beside the palm tree. He wasn’t in a very good mood. He knew who had taken his most lethal weapons, the weapons are, Blade of Chaos, Blades of Athena, and Blades of Exile.
He knew it was one of the 3 powerful gods and he wanted to get revenge. Poseidon, Zeus and Hades. As he didn’t know who it was to take his most beloved weapon, he decided to bring pain to all of the gods and hope that they suffer in agony. He devised a plan to make the 3 gods fight amongst each other. After all, he was the god of war and not only did he thrive in fighting in the war, but he was easily entertained by watching people fight amongst each other in war. He thrived on it and knew that if they brought pain to each other, he will be able to pick off the pieces of the carcuses of the gods and choke the guilt out on one of them. His plan was to tick Hades off, as he was the god of the underworld, and permit him to create an altercation with Poseidon, since they already previously had a rivalry involving Poseidon’s son, Percy. He would then also involve Zeus in this vicious battle by…

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