War And Genocide A Concise History Essay

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War & Genocide a Concise History: Review Pages 90-100 & Chapter 4.
Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime had and were a very well organized machine. Hitler used well thought out methods and implemented them as the push and pull back depending the popularity of society. He had many treaty’s and pacts that he made knowing full well he would eventually break to gain his ultimate plan of race and space. I find it interesting that a man with not real high intelligence, unpopular, and a politician made by chance was able to mastermind such a horrific event.
Hitler had many phases to his plan, including routinization that took place between 1934-1937, with June 1934 being the turning point for the Nazi’s. They were vicious and undermined laws, politics, policies, and anything else that stood in Hitler’s way however it was becoming more routine. During this time frame the Nazi’s focused on mainstreaming violence, and making citizens aware of the Nazi tactics if they stepped out of line.
Hitler began with centralizing the police force, which was a significant move in getting the whole state under his ideology. He had Himmler take over the Stormtroopers after The Night of Long Knives and in 1934 the entire political police known as the Gestapo. In 1936 Himmler was head of the criminal police as well. Himmler and the SS were officially linked to the Nazi Party organization not to the government of Germany. The SS was a force ethically driven by Hitler’s changing views, which combined the…

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