Essay on Walt Disney 's Influence On The United States

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“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” quoted Walt Disney. This quote by Walt Disney is important because he is a good role model and inspiration too many people in america. He is saying if want your main goal to happen then you have to take your time and do hard work in order to achieve that goal. Through the examination of the life and accomplishments of american Walt disney, his influence on the United States, especially being the creation of Mickey mouse and building disneyland, becomes abundantly clear. Walt disney was born on December 5,1901. He was born in chicago, Illinois, but lived most of his childhood in Marceline Missouri. The Disney family moved to Marceline Missouri because walt 's Uncle Robert had fine property there for new life ( krasniewicz 11).While he was in Missouri he had a summer job as a newspaper traveler (“Walt Disney”) Walt Disney developed an interest in art. During his early years, he would sell his artwork to his neighbors to get extra money(“Walt Disney Biography”). Then he attend to Mckinley High School in chicago to study more about art and photography. He was often asked to draw some of his cartoon characters for the school newspaper. When Walt Disney was six-teen, he dropped out of high school and signed up for the military but was rejected because he was too young (“Walt Disney”). However, he was sent to france to for a year to drive an ambulance vehicle (“Walt Disney”). The ambulance was covered…

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