Walt Disney : The Ultimate Family Vacation For All Families Across The World

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The faces of children light up with excitement and disbelief. Seeing all the characters they watch on television and always dreamed to be, seemed to be mind-boggling. Street parties with all the Disney characters imaginable, loud music and dancing children and their parent in front of the “Magical Castle” is every kids dream. Thrilling rides for all ages, photos, meet and talk with your favorite characters, every food and candy you can dream of all in one day. Walt Disney world is the ultimate family vacation for all families across the world. Disney World began with a guy by the name of Walter Elisa Disney also known as “Walt Disney”. He was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois. Walt had four brothers and one sister. As a child, Walt loved trains and would draw paintings and sell them to his neighbors and family and friends. Walt Disney went to a high school called McKinley High school. In high school, he took photography and drawing class. He was also a part of the school’s newspaper and would draw cartoons. Walt then dropped out of school at 16 years old and decided he would join the army, but he was too young and was dismissed. Disney then went to the Red Cross in France and drove an ambulance. In 1919 Walt went to Kansas City to become a newspaper artist. Walt was the Kansas City Film Ad and he would make cutout animations. Disney was interested in getting his own business in animation and hired a guy by the name of Fred Harman. Walt’s first project…

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