Walt Disney : The Most Magical Place On Earth Essay

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Walt Disney made it his goal to build a fairytale place that was different from any other amusement park, he wanted a place where children would come and watch their dreams come true. Originally Disneyland, “the most magical place on earth,” was set out to cover eight acres. Walt Disney quickly realized that just eight acres would not suffice. A 160 acre site was bought in Anaheim, California. It was thought to be the perfect place because of how close it was to the freeway. Walt Disney had dreams so big that nobody believed he could fulfill them, although he quickly proved everyone wrong when he built Disneyland and later went on to create Disney World.
Walt was born in Chicago, Illinois he then moved to Marceline, Missouri on a farm when he was four. He had a younger sister and two older brothers. Young Walt Disney went to Park School of Marceline in fall of 1909. He then began freshman year at McKinley High School and took night classes at Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. After school he moved back to Kansas City to start his artistic career. While he was trying to establish himself in the artist business he drove an ambulance for the Red Cross. While in Kansas City nobody would hire him for his artistic abilities or to drive an ambulance so he took a job at a local bank with his brother. Walt met a colleague, Ubbe Iwerks, at the bank who created advertisements for newspapers and movie theatres, since they were both interested in the arts they decided to start their own…

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