Walmart Sells Retail And Services Essay

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Walmart sells retail and services. The company sells a variety of products for consumers everyday like “appliances, automative (and) baby…(etc)” (Walmart). The services Walmart offers to customers are: “pharmacy, portrait studio (and) smartstyle hair salon… (etc)” (Walmart). Both retail and services are convenient also affordable for consumers. Walmart wants customers to buy products at affordable prices, they do this through their ad match program. This program allows customers to pay the lowest price for products by; comparing the price of a product at Walmart to the same product at other stores. The store will lower their price if the price of the product is lower somewhere else (Walmart). However, the program is only used when comparing identical items and a customer has to have digital or print proof that the products are idenical (Walmart). Furthermore, Walmart offers low prices for consumers everyday as they strive for customers “to save… money… to live better” (Walmart). Walmart also allows customers to get money back for purchasing items a day before they went on sale (not clearance items (Walmart)). Walmart is available in Canada, United States, Mexico, some parts in South America, Europe, Africa and Asia (Walmart). Most Walmart stores offer the same products at every location making shopping convenient and welcoming for customers who are traveling. Although there are six different types of Walmart stores; a supercenter and this groceries also merchandise…

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