Walmart : Marketing And Corporate Strategies Essay

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Business and corporate strategies play an important role to achieve the desired goals of Walmart. If the correct strategies are implemented on the company, Walmart will have advantage over their competitors.
Business Strategy
A business strategy is a long-term course of action that is implemented to achieve a particular goal or objectives. Walmart uses cost leadership strategies and differentiation. Cost leadership strategies are implemented by Walmart and it helps to offer many different products or services at a lower price than their competitors. They establish competitive advantage on their products over their competitors by reducing their cost of operation and therefore offer their best prices to attract customers. Walmart can perform this action by looking for ways to reduce the operation costs by outsourcing their operations to other countries with lower wages and still make profit. Since Walmart reduces their operation costs, they can pass along to the customers a lower price, which benefits the customers and make them happy with their purchases. On the other hand, Walmart also offers differentiation strategy, which is a great business strategy. They provide products or service which most of their competitors do not offer with unique attributes that customers enjoy. This uniqueness allows Walmart to charge a little extra and with customer happily will pay since they are satisfied with the service. The little extra profit will account for any increases of…

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