Wal-Mart: Company Analysis

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Walmart sells retail and services. The company sells a variety of products for consumers everyday like “appliances, automative (and) baby…(etc)” (Walmart). The services Walmart offers to customers are: “pharmacy, portrait studio (and) smartstyle hair salon… (etc)” (Walmart). Both retail and services are convenient also affordable for consumers. Walmart wants customers to buy products at affordable prices, they do this through their ad match program. This program allows customers to pay the lowest price for products by; comparing the price of a product at Walmart to the same product at other stores. The store will lower their price if the price of the product is lower somewhere else (Walmart). However, the program is only used when comparing …show more content…
4P’s Of Target
Target is a retail also service store that sells merchandise like, “clothing, shoes and jewelry…(and) baby and kids (things)” also a variety of more merchandise (Target). The services Target sells are,”clinic,optical,pharmacy, photo, portrait studio” (Target). This retail also service store wants customers to expect more of the merchandise and services sold, but pay less (Target). Target offers a price match program which is where a customer finds an item at Target and notices that the same product is being sold for less online or in a flyer (Target). Therefore, the company will change the price to be equal to the advertised price (Target). Furthermore, if a customer has a Target credit card (Redcard) they will get five percent off everyday purchases and will get free shipping
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Marketing is learnt through business studies, as students learn how to become successful in business. In the article Marketing Skills Every Business Owner Should Master by Sujam Patel explains what type of marketing skills make businesses successful like creating a video advertisement to influence customers to buy products. However, using video ads is effective for selling books too, as customers are going on sites like youtube more often. Furthermore, having video ads for books is effective as customers can watch what the story is about in a sixty-minute clip. Another marketing technique that businesses are using is email as stated by Patel. Businesses are emailing customers the newest products or services coming out, to create anticipation. Similarly, e-book companies like Kobo are emailing customers about new books available, suggestions on what to read next and coupons to buy books. Finally, as this article mentions, businesses are marketing on social media to gain more customers and customer awareness. Nonetheless, publishing companies like Harpercollins have a facebook page to encourage consumers to understand what they offer and advertise. As noticed businesses and publishing companies utilize marketing to gain the same goal: more customers

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