Walmart : A Best Marketing And Advertising Team Essay

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The first Walmart stores were established by Sam Walton of Rogers Arkansas 1962. Walmart today is no doubt the biggest retail store in North America and considered the most efficiently run retail business in the world. Walmart offers a wide variety of products and goods from grocery to automotive to everything in between. They are also known for their discounted prices and convenience. Many consumers do not look to Walmart for luxury goods such as Cartier, Prada, Coach and fine jewelry. When it comes to the more expensive, high quality goods consumers go to specialized shops to for these items. If Walmart offered these goods, would consumers pick them up while going for a gallon of milk? Typically, no, and I think Walmart understands that. How can they reach the consumer that can, or are looking for a high-priced diamond? This has to be a very tough question to answer. I would think it takes the very best marketing and advertising team the industry has to offer.
Personally, I do not think I would buy high end products from Walmart. For one, if I had the money to do so I want a professional in that product to discuss it with me. Expensive jewelry should be left to jewelers who have studied jewels. They know where the product comes from, they understand the language and can educate you on the purchase you are about to make. Would Walmart offer the professional to its consumers and keep the price lower than its competitor? I don 't think they could.
Keeping the prices lower…

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