Vroom 's Model Of Expectancy Theory Essays

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Vroom’s Model of Expectancy Theory
What is Vroom’s model of expectancy theory and what are the factors that make an individual act the way they do? We will discuss some of the factors that make individuals act the way they do. Is it that of low self esteem or high challenges in a new job? Having the mind-set to walk into a new job with confidence and knowing you are qualified for the job and will be very successful at it will help your employer know they hired the right person for the job.
Vroom’s Model of Expectancy Theory
Vroom’s model of expectancy theory say that individuals should act or present themselves in certain ways to show they are motivated because of the potential for a great outcome in a situation and the possibility that it will really happen. Kopp mentions; Expectancy theory proposes that individuals will decide to behave or act in a certain way because they are motivated due to the value (called "valence") they place on a certain outcome and the probability of that outcome occurring (Latham, 2011. During this process we make the best choice among all the choices to receive the maximum gratification with as few obstacles as possible. A person’s performance is base on their personality, knowledge, skills and abilities.
Vroom mentions that an employee’s motivation, job performance and effort make’s it what they have to succeed.
Model measures motivation Kopp said that an employee’s motivation is shown through the employee’s skills set, or ability…

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