Voting Problem in America Essay

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Voting Problem in America

Voting Problem in America
Numerous studies have been steered to support with observing for influences that will demonstration by public do not contribute in voting. It has remained a mounting difficulties with appropriate voters not registering and object their ballot. Over the decades, Americans have vanished trace with the antiquity of voting. Voting for in determinations supports in providing underpinning on why society do not participate in voting. Analyses provide tangible influences with why societies do not vote with illustration clusters support. Discovery of behaviors will show the unabridged development with the existing system supports with the American community. The 2008 elections enquiry provides
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All but two men fit the bill as well as President Barack Obama who is half white and John F Kennedy who was catholic. After the Civil War the voting rights began to modification. The Civil Rights Act of 1866 granted citizenship but not voting rights for a number of citizens that were born in the United States (Salzman, 2012). Until 1869 that Congress got around to giving the black men the factual to vote and when this was conceivable they voted in multitudes. A number of them ran for office and held office to support the federal government and passage of the Reconstruction Acts of 1867 (Reconstruction, 2009). Black men began to lose there right as many southern states pass laws that would not allow previous slaves to become register voters. In Louisiana black voters fell from 44.8% ion 1896 to just 4% in 1900 (Reconstruction, 2009). Another issues in American past was during the much of the ninetieth century with women seeking the right to vote. It was until 1920 that Women finally landed the right to vote. Laws help with suppress people to vote with the Jim Crows laws were deeply entrench by 1940. This law was eventually terms was used to describe racial segregation which began after the official end of Reconstruction in 1877, In the 1940s the time when blacks held office had long been forgotten (Reconstruction, 2009). Literacy tests were used to keep blacks from voting. The Test was read “This test to be given to anyone who cannot prove a fifth grade

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