Voter Choice Theory Of Voting Essay

1455 Words Dec 12th, 2016 6 Pages
The Michigan model of voter choice most prominently featured in the book The American Voter emphasises the role that social identity plays on our decisions made at the ballot box which we gain from our environment around us such as our parents’ political views. In this essay, I, will show why the Michigan model of voting offers an inadequate explanation for the way people vote and why I believe that the rational choice theory of voting specifically the altruistic theory of voting with a focus on a partisan form of altruistic voting offers a better explanation for why people vote the way that they do.
I will achieve this goal by at first putting forth my reasoning and evidence for why I believe that the partisan altruistic theory of voting offers the best explanation then I will examine the merits of the “selfish” rational choice theory and then the merits of the Michigan model of voting and then I will provide my counterarguments against these theories before bringing all my arguments together with my conclusion.
The first reason for supporting the altruistic theory of voting is that it helps solve the paradox of voting which cannot be explained under the “selfish” rational choice theory for as noted in A Theory of the Calculus of Voting (Riker and Ordeshook, 1968) each voter in the “selfish” rational choice theory would look at the costs and benefits of voting and their desired result being achieved when deciding whether to turn out but the probability of a single voter…

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