Essay Volunteer Experience Reflection Of A Volunteer

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Volunteer Experience Reflection I dedicated fifteen hours to the Head Start Program. For 8 weeks I helped in the classroom and met 25 beautiful children. Each child was unique in their own way. The Head Start Program is predominately White but that didn’t change how they interacted with one another. My experience with Head Start was special and I love to volunteer there again.
Services Provided When the students were at breakfast I would sit with them and talk with them. I helped clean up after they were finishing and get the students ready for story time. While reading I would make sure all the kids are sitting and listening to the teacher. Then it’s choice time and that’s when the kids have forty five minutes to do any activity of choice. Joining the kids during this was the most special. I connected with most the kids and found out who they are individual. Mostly I helped with being the teachers extra hands and eyes. Observing and catching things that they did not. For example if one of kids were arguing, I would try to help them get to a solution. If I could not help I would then get a teacher. When observing I noticed that the kids were all wide spread some more mature than others. Some ready for kindergarten and some not just yet.
Diverse Experience The Head Start Program does not have a diverse population. Predominately White with two Hispanics and one African-American little girl. I think that’s because outside the university, Shippensburg is not that diverse…

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