Vladimir Putin, The Russian Federation Essay

1055 Words Mar 22nd, 2016 null Page
Under leadership of Vladimir Putin, The Russian Federation has undertaken actions over the past two years that can be compared to actions and ideas supported by realist theory. The fundamental property of realism is that a state believes the international system to be anarchic and will act in a “self-help system” meaning to states only act in their best interests. In such, Russia has been considered to be pursuing the interests of their own state above all else in an attempt of self-preservation. Russia’s recent activities has severely strained their relationships with previous allies in the international system by going against the norms of the system, which is another aspect of realism, believing there is no supranational authority to enforce rules over countries. This can be proven with the facts that Russia has annexed Crimea, gotten involved the Syrian civil war, and offered political asylum to a U.S. fugitive wanted for espionage.

The overwrought relations among the United States and Russia is not just a product of the past two years, conversely these two years have been crucial in the extent of the strain amid the two nations. 2013 brought about a year in which foreign relations between the two states were aggregated by the cancelation of a summit scheduled for September 2013 between President Obama and President Putin, the cancelation of this summit was brought on by the temporary political asylum granted by Russia to Edward Snowden, a wanted U.S. fugitive for…

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