Cold War Persuasive Essay

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The confrontation between the European Union and the United States with Russia over current events in Ukraine, cooperation against international terrorism, agreement to Syria’s chemical weapons, cooperation in the Middle East and Afghanistan and Russia’s closer partnership with China have begun to produce gossips of renewal of the Cold War with exchanges of sharp accusations, the statement of economic sanctions, and-most dangerous-military race that would put both Russia and the U.S. in a more upsetting position. Much of the motivation on all sides begun from misunderstandings of the way the Cold War was over. These misunderstandings have led to mistaken policies on the part of the “West,” which have produced
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(The second could not have happened without the first and the third without the second and first.) It is a major mistake to unite them and consider the end of the Soviet Union the end of the Cold War.
There were no losers and winners in the Cold War. Every agreement bargained with the USSR was in the interest of both sides. The armament drive was worth a lot for everyone and dangerous, but the citizens of the USSR suffered more from it than did the citizens of the West, where armaments took away a smaller portion of their productive resources.
The USSR collapsed after the Cold War ended. It broke up because of internal processes and not external pressure. The US and its closes allies hoped that Gorbachev would arrange a voluntary federation of twelve republics-all except Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. Russia could have gained from a reformed, democratized collaboration with other Soviet republics, provided it did not try to command them. This is what Gorbachev tried to set up, and the U.S. and the West European countries supported him in this. Perhaps this was just a dream, given the fact that much of the USSR was united by force and ruled without attention to the best interests of the people. However, it was not the United States or the E.U. or NATO that destroyed the Soviet Union. The elected leader of the RSFSR, Boris Yieltsin, colluded with the leaders of Ukraine and Belarus to break up the USSR. Therefore,
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Yet the Chinese are not going to play this game. They are not ready to form an alliance with Russia against NATO or the U.S. The risk is that as the tensions are growing, there will be a temptation on Russia’s part to play a China game, which is accentuate areas of Russian-Chinese competition that is basically anti-Western. There will be not an union, but, for example, when you votes in the United Nations on issues like the possibility to own nuclear weapons in the future, Russia will be very happy to use its relationship with China to oppose Western

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