Marxism, Socialism And Communism

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The Bolshevik government was a government situated in the Soviet Empire run and founded by Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky. The Bolshevik government ran on many ideas of Karl Marx. The theorisation of Karl Marx ran by the name of Marxism and these ideas within his theory were as followed: The capitalist society is one to be abolished, as the bourgeois should not be the ones to run the land or factories when they are not the ones that slave away on those sites. With this, Lenin intertwines Marxism, Socialism and Communism into one to create the Bolsheviks. Vladimir strived to create an upheaval of revolutionaries to fight against the capitalist who are trying to take over the Soviet Empire with their upper class leaders. Vladimir Lenin needed …show more content…
Mustafa Chokaev was highly against the Bolsheviks, and travelled with other members of the Regional Moslem Council to try to get the help to restore the old government (p. 61). These attempts failed. Turkestan began to realise that the power lay in the hands of the Soviets, and they are not going to be easily persuaded to give all power back to the Moslems. Instead, it was bought forward by Chokaev that there should be an all-regionaly Moslem organisation that openly speaks and organises with the central Soviet government (p. 62). Chokaev also suggests that soviet soldiers should not have the power in Turkestan, and the native people of Turkestan should instead take their place (p. 62). The Bolsheviks within central Asia were making promises to the Moslems that they would once again give them back their land and rights, and this concerned the left socialist revolutionary party, as they would soon be swimming in a pool of Moslems (p. 63). This could then create tension between themselves, the, Russian Peasant settlers and the Moslems, which could lead to a horrific, bloody end (p. 63). In the end it did indeed end up in a war between the Russians and Moslems, the Bolsheviks prevailed and Turkestan fell under the Bolshevik rule.
The Bolshevik revolution in 1917 came with great liberation to the Moslems as the Council of Peoples Commissars issued a statement proclaiming, “Power is in the hands of the people”,
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99). Nevertheless, with this Poland had a great success over the Red Army, and this was the capture of a small part of the Ukraine called Kiev (p. 111). With this came the rise of the Ukraine peasants who were keen to run the Polish out of their land (p. 111). In addition, on the 11th of June 1920, the Red Army stormed through the line of Polish and took Kiev (p. 111). With this the Polish began to remove their troops and under a Treaty of the Soviet Government the Polish got a generous amount of gold and stock, and with that the Polish were again under the Bolshevik rule, which they knew very well better than being under the rule of the White Army (p.

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