Vladimir Illyich Ulyanov: The Communist Revolution In Russia

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Vladimir Illyich Ulyanov, born in Simbirsk in April 10, 1987, he was the third oldest, with five brothers and sisters. In 1901 while doing underground work of his party he started going by the name Lenin. After a couple revolutions, he rose to become a powerful dictator in Russia. After World War I, he seized power with the October Revolution. Even though he had strong ideas he was still willing to change his ideas if his country needed it. When Lenin was a child his parents encouraged in him a love of learning and he used this to finish first in high school and showed a gift for Latin and Greek. His father was an inspector of schools, but experienced trouble including threats with early retirement by the government. Later, when his older brother was arrested and executed …show more content…
This book outlined their ideas of the Communist revolution and planned out that the only way they could succeed is by a revolution. After reading this book, he analyzed it in his pamphlet “Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism”.2 Based on the writings of Marx and Engels, Lenin created the vanguard party as a means to bring upon the revolution talked about in the Communist Manifesto. According to Karl Marx, because the proletariats weren’t political people they needed a separate group to lead them through the changes needed to bring Communism. After creating the proletariats the vanguard party would usher in the revolution to take down capitalism. After the revolution succeeded they would give the ruling power to the proletariats who would rule over themselves.34 Following Karl Marx’s works, Lenin feared that the capitalists would take over the world and industry would exploit the working class to increase their profits and the wealthy countries would take advantage of the poorer countries. He theorized that the revolution would begin in poorer countries where the poor would rise up and overthrow

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