Visual Of Traffic Collision And The Aftermath ( Video ) Essay

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• Traffic Template
• Ruler
• Internet Access (i.e. YouTube)
• Pencil
• Copy Paper
• Easer
• Traffic Crash Management Guide // by Donald J Basham
• Quiz
• Visual of Traffic Collision and the aftermath (VIDEO)


Students would be able to create a traffic accident diagram utilizing the above preparation material. Student would be able to follow specific guidelines to create a NOT to Scale incident and subsequently write a narrative of the accident scene.

In law enforcement, either as Police Officers or Public Service Aides/Community Specialist, you will respond and handle several traffic accident reports throughout the day. Every time, its vitally important that you respond safely, conduct a fact-finding investigation, and issue a citation to the at-fault driver. You’ll need to be prepared to respond and conduct the investigation in a professional manner and be equipped with specific knowledge and technical skills to perform well. Students would need to complete three traffic crash diagrams and three reports/narrative detailing the contributing causes, etc.

The student will:

Facilitate communications between parties to exchange drivers’ information
Determine fault for the crash and issue the citation
• Complete a Uniform Traffic Citation when there is a violation of Statutes 316, 318, 320 and/or 322
• Describe steps to clear the crash scene at the end of crash…

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