Vision Of Multicultural Education

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There can be many different views of multicultural education. By setting goals and having visions of what kind of multicultural education we want helps us determine what kinds of educators we will be. Since we are all different people who view this differenty and focus on different issues we will all be different types of educators with different visions. My vision of multicultural education includes having a safe and successful environment with culture awareness, diversity and inclusion throughout the classroom that makes students think critically about a situation and helps give them other perspectives. This gives Students an open environment away from discrimination and makes it so students can focus on doing their best. Unlike in the Article …show more content…
One of the issues is Sexual diversity, Sexual and gender diversity is becoming one of prevalent topics with schools (Meyer, 2010 p.7). Travis Tucker Jr. said that more and more students are coming out as part of the LGBTQ communities. He explained in class that this brings up many more issues such as gender inclusive bathrooms/ locker rooms are being to be a topic in schools and also discrimination (Tucker, 2016). This is important because teachers in the K-12 school system are going through these issues right now and are figuring out how to overcome these issues. Since more and more students are coming out (Tucker, 2016), students need to be able to feel safe in schools and they should be able to be themselves. The second issue is demanding success from students. Larson-Billings discusses an issue about students who fall behind because the teacher is not pushing them, therefore letting the student fall behind. (Larson-Billings, 2002 p.110). Students of all backgrounds should be pushed to learn, even if it is hard or they cannot spell. Demanding success and not failing on students is very important in my vision of multicultural education. The third issue is having a discrimination free environment. To help with discrimination, the environment should be diverse. By having an open diverse environment the educator can talk about different …show more content…
One of the changes I would make in schools is making classrooms more inclusive so that all students feel like they are a part of the class. No one should feel as if they are left out from the class. From experience in college, most professors do not care where you sit they kind of expect you to sit in a spot that will be beneficial to you. But that may not always be possible. An Example of making a classroom more inclusive, would be the First day of Ms. Gray’s Diversity class. The first day Ms. Gray gave us students the task of making the room "a diverse and inclusive classroom" (Gray, 2016). Us students thought it was the way she wanted the classroom. After a while we discovered it was not how she wanted the classroom, but how we wanted it. In order to make the classroom inclusive we also had to include everyone 's thoughts and opinion 's. But we also had to consider other aspects, such as if someone were in a wheelchair they had to have a spot to sit and had to be able to get in and out of the classroom. But also so that every student in the class felt as if they were included (Diversity in Education Class Activity, 2016). By making sure that everyone feels included in discussions and anything we do in class. This is an example of making an inclusive classroom. Having classes being more included may help students create an

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