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The excerpt from "Proceedings of the English Colonie in Virginia," section 2.2, by William Simmonds, demonstrated the down-side of Virginia, an early colony. While in section 2.5, an excerpt from "The Narragansett Act of Submission to Charles I," showed the fear and discomfort the Indians had towards their enemies. This excerpt was somewhat the same, but also different to section 2.2. The first reading, 2.2, was quite challenging and irritating. This part of the excerpt was obvious due to the grammar in this section, which was expressed and written different than today's English. Old English and today’s English are very different. This letter was poorly written due to the run-on sentences that rarely had any periods, but did indeed have a mass number of commas. In section 2.2 the spelling was off by a bit. For example the spelling "dailie" meant daily and the spelling "fewe" meant few. Instead of section 2.5 being written in the same way, it was written in an educated manner. The spelling improved in about 30 years from when the other letter was written. The spelling errors and run-on sentences made the excerpt difficult to understand. The difficulty made section 2.5 understandable and section 2.2, not so much. Although the first section was not as easy to understand, it was the one that made most sense. This excerpt was a letter that the colonists used to …show more content…
The Indians asked for the king’s protection in exchanged of their trust. They basically became servants to the King, because they knew that there was no other way to avoid their enemies. But when they sent this letter, one of the other tribes killed the Narragansett’s chief. The chiefs of the other tribe had to appear in court, but didn’t because he had stated that they had important things to do. If the tribes were to have a problem, they would sort them out as a

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