Violence Within The Stranger By Albert Camus Essay

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The existence of violence within literature serves a purpose in the sense that it helps to decipher the personality and background of a character. We psychoanalyze people in our everyday lives based upon the violent nature of a man or woman. In Albert Camus’ The Stranger, the protagonist, Meursault, it is witnessed that this man does not seem to have some sort of abnormal behavior, based on his expressions. However, we cannot judge a person without seeing the true nature of this man. Within the violent scenes of the novel, the protagonist is shown to be different than all of the characters. The scenes of violence within The Stranger contribute to the discovery of Meursault as a protagonist who is seen as an strange figure, according to society’s standards, and explains Camus’ philosophy of absurdism. Within The Stranger, the scene of violence which starts to explain the personality of Meursault is when Meursault’s friend, Raymond, tells his story about his mistress and why he was violent towards her. Essentially, Raymond had a mistress who he suspected of cheating on him. He beaten her and the mistress decided to end the affair in order to end the conflict between them. He still had feelings for her but he also wanted to exact revenge on her for being unfaithful to him. He made up a plan in which he would write a letter to invite her mistress back to Raymond’s apartment. Then, he would sleep with her in order to prepare for the surprise.…

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