Essay about Violence Of African American Communities

718 Words May 5th, 2016 3 Pages
Why is there so much violence in African American communities? Violence in African American communities can stem from a variety of things. Some children have been treated badly, while others have just been raised poorly. Also, role models and the people in the environment plays a huge part on the outcome of how violent the neighborhood is. Being in gangs and acting violent towards others in the neighborhood can be something that happens for attention or “stripes” in their neighborhood. Young African American males are in need of role models and sometimes father figures to show them the correct path to choose, but because some of them don’t have the correct figures in their lives they go to gangs or follow the rap stigma. Social media can have a major affect on young adults and teenagers as well. They follow what they see on social media or tv and believe that that’s how theyŕe supposed to live. When a broken child grows up around violence that is what they’re going to imitate when they become adults. I care about this issue because African American communities are viewed as poor non intelligent or not intelligent enough people whose expected to live in the projects or a household of many with the house being not up to standards. The way some people view African Americans is what is expected of us and what 's expected for us is the environment we live in and how we chose to raise our own. Some growing up dysfunctional, in gang related establishments, and some just not…

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