Violence In Americ Are Video Games The Cause?

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Violence in America:Are Video Games The Cause? Video games are rising in popularity due to the increase in technology. In fact, states, “As many as ninety-seven percent of United States kids age twelve through seventeen play video games”(Do Violent Video Games Contribute to Youth Violence?). Nearly one hundred percent of teens in our society are growing up around multiple kinds of video games, which is a surprising amount of children. In the video game industry, there are plenty of genres to play such as games about sports, war, and even games that are focused around committing a crime. For every video game released, a company must place a rating on the game to determine the age group allowed to experience everything involved …show more content…
Reilly talks about how “Practicing such aggressive thinking in these games improves the ability of the players to think aggressively. In turn, this habitual aggressive thinking increases their aggressiveness in real life” (qtd. In Violent Video Games). When kids are subjected to these types of actions, they are more capable of copying and portraying them in their lifestyle. This is an issue because kids are starting to disrespect those who deserve it, get into more fights, and use absurd language. Video games should provide a fun way to entertain people when they have some spare time, teach them, and even allow socialization among others who are playing the game. These games are a way to connect with other people and relax; they were not meant to make people aggressive or act ugly towards each other. Another prime example of how violent video games can have a negative impact on someone, is found within the same article, Anderson explains that these video games give the player a recommendation for whenever they complete “hostile” actions or participate in violent behavior to solve a problem in the video game (Violent Video Games). It seems that the video game designers want the people playing the game to feel good for committing such actions like hurting

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