Violence And Violence On School Grounds Essay

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This chapter discussed how to prevent and respond to violence on school grounds to insure the safety of the students. Although this was a fairly short chapter, the content is important because of the high number of violence and shootings that occur at schools, it is good to be well educated on how to prevent, respond, and aware of violence. This chapter discusses about strategies to prevent and how to respond to different types of situations with facts, examples, and through dialogs. An “Aha” moment was the section of observing and identifying the signs and de-escalating potentially explosive situations. More specifically the fact that teachers need to be more attentive to the escalation of a students anger before adding to the possible explosive situation. It was an “aha” moment because I feel like so often teachers forget to recognize that the misbehavior could be due to another outside source and the emotion needs to be de-escalated. One of the main ideas that was presented was to make sure that the teachers are aware of the procedures in the situation and strategies to when a server situation, such as lockdowns. one of the mornings that I went into my cooperative teachers classroom, she showed and stated to me that there is a new locking system for the doors. There are only a few classrooms that are using this system right now. The doors lock has a slide with one side marked with red and the other side green. This locking system was set up and placed on the…

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