Violating Personal Space Essay

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This is report is about the reactions of personal space when invaded. A total of 20 strangers were tested to see how different genders and ages react to strangers coming to close. The experiment took place in Woden plaza where a student stood behind a subject and watched there reaction from the closeness. It was found that 60% of the subjects did react to the close proximities. This reports also shows different theories to why people act the way they do when they feel violated.

The effect of violating the personal space of solitary individuals.

According to Paatjes and Shwartz(1993) personal space is an invisible barrier that humans extend around themselves which they like to keep others from entering. The
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Its seen that the majority of them did the same thing eg. No reaction.
60% of all participants did react.
41.6% of men had no reaction
42.8% of females had no reaction


The purpose of this experiment was to see how different people reacted to strangers violating there personal space. The subjects in the experiment varied in there reactions (table 1). The variables in the experiment could have been different genders because the person who did the test may have been a female and was testing on a male, it could have made the reaction different because there could have been an attraction or the male could of felt uncomfortable to be in such close proximity(table 1: participant 17). When people feel like they are being violated they turn ‘aggressive or vulnerable’ (Katherine,1991). That could explain why most females in the experiment walked away because they felt uncomfortable with someone standing so close even though they were the same sex. Another Variable in the experiment is that if the subjects knew what was going on they know that the person is being intimidating and that he or she is trying to complete a task. It is important to know what variables can happen while completing an experiment because they can alter your

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