Vietnamese Culture on Death Essay

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Sociology 33
2 April 2014
Culture Assignment
“‘The sense of the dead is that of the final,’ says a Vietnamese proverb, meaning that funeral ceremonies must be solemnly organized,” as stated in the Vietnam Tourism website. The way a funeral is organized in Vietnam is strongly influenced by Chinese; as stated in the article “Culture of Vietnam,” ones with various rites and activities. Most funerals in Vietnam consist of three stages. In the tourism website they also state that, “The date and time for the funeral procession, le dua tang, must be carefully selected.” This is an important factor, as the mourning process of a loved one in Vietnamese customs the funeral goes on for two years. The length of a Vietnamese funeral is after three
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The deceased person’s grandchildren and relatives also had to wear mourning turbans, “explains the Vietnam Tourism website. In addition, there is a bowl of rice and an egg place on top of the coffin if the family is Buddhist or non-religion, and a card of the death’s Christian name if he or she is Christian. The second stage of the funeral is when guests often the friends and further relatives of the deceased come to share the sorrow with the family. The coffin is placed at home or at the funeral houses based on the desire of the dead’s family. Distant relatives, neighborhood, friends or colleagues of the death can come to the place, pray for the salvation of the death’s soul, go around the coffin to see the death again and console the death’s family. This stage might take anywhere from a few hours to a whole day, depending on the number of the visitors. Visitors who attend a funeral usually wear dark colored clothes and bring sympathy flowers, sometimes attached with an envelope containing money to help the unfortunate family cover the cost of the funeral. When the visiting stage ends, the representative of the family will have a short speech to thank all the visitors and invite them to go with the family to take the death to the cemetery. The coffin of the death is moved to a special funeral car and taken to the interring place, followed by the family members and some of the visitors.
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