Vietnamese Chinese Noodle Soup Dish Essay

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Many people have a good understanding of what pho is; a Vietnamese noodle soup dish, traditionally with beef or chicken broth, loaded with steak, meatball, tripe, so on, and topped with herbs. Obviously, this definition is way too simple to capture the long hours of simmering marrow-rich beef bones for hours, not including all the other ingredients and time it takes to prepare the dish. It fails to capture the many layers of flavor created by the herbs and spices. Nor does it illustrate the rich texture of the chewy noodles, the tenderness of the beef slices, the crunchy bean sprouts. The definition fails to do the Vietnamese community justice in perfecting a dish that has captured hearts from all around the world.
Pho was introduced to the western world, more specifically America, around 1975 when refugees were fleeing Vietnam after the fall of Saigon, now known as Ho Chi Minh City. In Vietnam, most natives agree that pho originated in Hanoi, northern Vietnam, around the time when France colonized the country back in the late 1880s. Most, who have done research on pho, believed that pho came from the French dish called “Pot au Feu” which literally translates to “pot on the fire;” a characteristic both dishes share in common as they both tend to take hours to prepare. Some Vietnamese historians roughly hypothesized that the name pho came directly from the word “feu” in “Pot au Feu.” The pronunciation of “feu” is similar to pho, and Vietnamese culture, and its people, have a…

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