Essay about Vietnam War : Vietnam And Vietnam

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Vietnam War On November 1, 1995 the North Vietnamese attacked South Vietnam to mark the beginning of the Vietnam War (Tet Offensive). Spanning nineteen years, the Vietnam War was a conflict fought between six different countries and allies over the differing opinions concerning communism. Ho Chi Minh was the leader for the North and believed in a communist government and received help from the Soviet Union and China (Biography of Ho Chi Minh). On the other hand, leader of Southern Vietnam, General Vo Nguyen Giap promoted a democratic system of government and received military aid from the United States (Gen Vo Nguyen Giap). Opposing ideological opinions between Northern and Southern Vietnam concerning the way in which the Vietnamese government should be constructed, ultimately leads to the military actions and retaliations of both sides. (Tet Offensive) Political differences created tension, which soon showcased the tactical advantages that Northern Vietnam had over the South Vietnamese as war ensued. Northern Vietnamese soldiers were known as the Viet Cong. The Viet Cong fought to support communism and rid Vietnam of American soldiers (Szczepanski). Although the Viet Cong were composed of a smaller armed forces in terms of shear numbers, many other aspects gave them an advantage over South Vietnam and South Vietnam 's United States ally. The Vietnam War was mainly fought in North Vietnamese land, thus inevitably causing the Viet Cong to have an environmental comfort that…

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