Vietnam And The Vietnam War Essay

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There was a multitude of occurrences that helped to begin the Vietnam war, most notably: the spread of communism through areas of Southeast Asia, including China and Korea, the establishment of the Viet Cong in South Vietnam, the election of President Ngo Dinh Diem, and Congress’s decision to give President Johnson utmost authority over the military. The importance of Southeast Asia’s susceptibility to communism is demonstrated when, in Document B, McGeorge Bundy says, “It is recommended that you make a Presidential decision that the U.S. will use … military force against North Vietnam… this basic Presidential decision is recommended on these premises… the U.S. cannot tolerate the loss of Southeast Asia to Communism.” When this document was written (May 1964), China and Korea had fallen to Communism, as had North Vietnam. Because of China’s prominent role in Asian economics and politics as well as its proximity to many Southeast Asian countries due to its central position, China was an influential Asian power, and had a large influence on neighboring countries. Communism was the reason for U.S. involvement in the Vietnam war, and, thus, China’s role in spreading Communism was extremely threatening and disconcerting to American politicians and citizens. The formation of the Viet Cong in South Vietnam confirmed our suspicions that South Vietnam, a republic, was growing vulnerable to Communism. In Document 1, John F. Kennedy says to the Senate that, “Despite any wishful…

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