Essay about Video Games And Its Impact On Education

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According to ESRB, in today’s world video games are being played more commonly than thought, surprisingly by adults, despite the factor that games are geared either “T” for teen and as a majority “E” for everyone. The Gaming Industry has grown to be vastly popular on consoles over computer games despite computer games having better graphics and power. With the given statistics of how many households play video games and the rate of which the Gaming Industry is growing, this gives potential Game Designers as myself the opportunity to find jobs and chase our dreams while developing a lasting career in a growing industry shared amongst families across the globe.
However, with gaming there is still a major concern towards health and the impact on education, which spurred the growth of educational and fitness games in order to combat these concern. The games of the present and future seem to be expanding and slowly integrating with everyday life and media as well through the use of Gamification, bringing games to web browsers, social networks and to the work place, even though they may not be all classified as “video games “they still hold key aspects that video games contain today, such as badges and leaderboards, which are features used by Game Designers to help stir goal development.
With the community of Gaming and Gamers expanding, it’s easy to say that within the decade, gaming will be shared by more than those who are considered “Gamers”, while those who enjoy to play…

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