Video Games And Its Effects On The World Essay

1678 Words Oct 14th, 2016 7 Pages
As the development of the technology, there are many electronic equipment has been produced, like gaming computers, gaming consoles and smart phones. They all have extreme performance, so the software producer would develop some games for the customers, and video games are becoming more and more popular now. Many teenagers like playing video games, some of them have talented on this kind of games. Video games can be separated by many different kinds, like FPS (first person shoot), MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) and MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena). This three are the main kinds of games that people are playing. Because of these popular games, there are many competitions are held every year. The most popular game is LOL (league of legends). The season 5 of LOL just finished in Berlin, and there are about 27 million people watched the final game. (The Daily Dot) The effect of the games is growing, and the e-sport should be considered in the list of the sports.
Sports has it own spirit called sportsmanship, which is fair play, respect for opponents, and gracious behavior in winning or losing. ( When the players are competing with others they need to follow this spirit. Same as these athletes, the players who have a game about the e-sport should also follow the rule. The players who are in an e-sports game they need to give respect to their rivals, and they cannot look down on them. In addition, the player cannot use cheats during…

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