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The use of games to enhance the potential of students’ learning is an interesting field of research. This paper discusses, the impact of students’ learning through games based on Scarlatos & Scarlatos’s (2008) article on the same. This paper also describes one of the major problems of the video game industry that is “video games addiction” which can be related to the educational games ("Video Game Addiction," n.d.). In other words, it focuses on “why students get addicted to educational games?” and “How to avoid video games addiction?” The aim of these research questions is to provide a solution for the students to utilize the educational games to its full potential without being addicted to it.
Specific Findings
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Since, the educational games provide the students a platform to learn through game like learning systems, it could have few negative impacts which is further explained with the help of the learning based system mentioned in Scarlatos & Scarlatos’s (2008) article. The article describes an experiment to reinforce basic math skills by having students solve math equations using an application called “SmartStep” (Scarlatos & Scarlatos, 2008). The application takes input from a dance pad designed exclusively for it. This experiment was conducted on fourth grade students of an elementary school. It was designed to teach the students to solve math problems and equations while honing motor skills, pattern recognition, rhythm, and coordination. Students could start their session by signing with their username or code assigned by the teacher. This allows the application to determine which learning activity to be used. The interface of the application is very simple. It is designed to help students use it easily and understand the game without any confusion. Students solve these equations either in a group or individually after completing their in-class assignments. This is one of the problems which could lead to video game addiction, as a matter of fact it is also mentioned in the article that students complete their in-class assignments early to play the game (Scarlatos & Scarlatos, 2008). Although, it is an educational game but it is a sign of addiction to video games and the teachers are encouraging it ("Video Game Addiction," n.d.). In near future, students will get more addicted to games because of the competitive nature of the educational games ("Video Game Addiction," n.d.). The games are not only created to teach the students to solve math equations but, it is also used for viewing and comparing their scores,

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