The Symptoms Of Video Game Addiction

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Have people ever seen toxic symptom of the video game? When people are extremely anxious about the video game, they play the video game over 19 hours a week, do not spend time for other activities or other people, and feel social phobias. According to the research from South Korea, 8% of population of the country people between 9 to 39 years old struggle from internet or gaming addiction in the 2010 government study. Many people might think that video game addiction is disease of disorder; however, it is not include the official Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in the America even though it is in the list of warranting further study. What is the word for addict? People who would like to play game such as a patient called …show more content…
There are five symptoms of gaming or Internet addiction. The first symptom is transformed the time of behavior. Daytime is that recovering of the fatigue from playing games and nighttime is busy for playing games. The second symptom is influence from the works. Addicted gamer cannot manage between school or work and game. Another symptom is get pleasure from the same lever over and over. Addicted gamer has a fun even though they are playing same level over and over. Other symptom is emerging the sharp temper. When the addicted gamer cannot approach the game, they express annoyance or eagerness to play the game. The other symptom is desire to play video game when people separate from digital society. To sum up, people can realize that they are a pathological video gamer or not through check 5 symptoms as changing lifestyle, impairing to manage the work time, finding enjoyable through repeating the same level, sensitizing, about cannot access the game, craving play game. What is the solution for pathological video gaming? There are five tips for addicted people of video games as taking time for oneself, checking a walkthrough the game, deceiving the game, figuring out friends are actual or not, and playing game with one’s …show more content…
The other tip for gamers is play game together. If a person has no friends, invite or go their home to play game for being a friend. This method has two benefits as closer with friends and more prohibited playing game. Because when pathological video gaming and friends play game together, friends will forbid playing game due to want to play game or not interesting about game anymore .
In conclusion, getting great scores, being curious about clues and next level, interesting about role-playing, visualizing the game world, and creating friends can contribute pathological video gamer and it can resolve the problems through consider times, inspecting walk-through the game, considering presence of real company, and inviting friends.
In my opinion, there are many solutions for pathological gamer; however, the most significant way is addict mind for overcoming the problem as self-control for their game

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