Victoria Dubois Short Story

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The smell of the old town was always pleasant to Victoria Dubois' nose. He insisted there was one living in town, and so Vic arranged to make the collection herself.

She had a very refined palate thanks to being a century old, give or take a few years, although just by looking at the young woman it was impossible to tell. The alabaster paleness of her skin that hadn't felt the kiss of sunlight in so many decades was likely the only give away to her condition. However, there was a significant spike in the appeal of gothic fashion trends ever since the vampires "came out of the coffin", so she could easily be mistaken for someone emulating that fashionable undead look. She was wearing dark clothing for the most part, after all. Black leggings,
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That was exactly what Vic expected since it was a trap. Curiously enough, she didn't scream or writhe to get away as the man took his sweet time toying with her. The poor bastard didn't know he was disposable and received a crisp wad of bills the previous night when he was given his instructions. He thought he was just supposed to force himself on her to send a message from a third party. They conveniently left him unaware of Victoria's part in this.

"Hey! Get off of her," Vic demanded. She spoke in a perfect modern dialect and there was only a very faint hint of her former French accent when she was particularly incensed. The man whipped his head around in shock. He looked and smelled like he got tipsy beforehand and was doing a sloppy job.

"Get the fuck out of here or I'll make it a two for one!" he retorted. The idiot adjusted his hand to briefly flash the switch knife blade, like that threat would be useful. Within seconds Vic's hand was around his throat and the man's hands, previously fumbling with the fae's jeans, became rigid as the air was choked out of him. Her mouth opened as a set of pristine white canines slid into

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