Victim Of Crime Victim Essay

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The laws of the justice system are the backbone that give it form and unity. The victims of crime existed unrecognized in the justice system. Victims had few roles when it came to the justice system. The passing of the first crime victim’s state bill of rights in Wisconsin in 1980 gave way to a new era of improvement for victim’s rights. The enactment of federal acts and task force in 1982 brought national importance to the victim’s concerns.
Victim’s Rights Initiatives
After years of being neglected in criminal law, victims have played an important part in the criminal justice system. The current criminal law system does not just consist of judges, defendants, prosecutors, and the offender, it also includes the victim as they have the rights to consult with prosecutors, have restitution, speak at the sentencing, and receive notices of parole. The
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Many genuine changes by victim’s rights supporters have been dissatisfied by the judicial structure of laws and related policies to isolate prosecutors from accountability or misunderstandings (Matthews III, 1997).
Laws to help victims are necessary and does not cause harm. Victim impact statements are just one way in which one could measure the impact of crime. Having contact with representatives in the criminal justice system could serve as another method to measure the impact of crime. From the moment crime is committed, the victims have a measurable impact experience, especially in the case of violence or confrontation. Law enforcement officers are usually the first criminal justice representatives a victim has contact with, not to mention the first to observe the physical and emotional state of victims, provide assistance, and assess the victim impact (Hoffman,

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