Verizon Wireless Financial Analysis Essay

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Verizon Wireless Financial Analysis
Although, the real history of telecommunication is relatively unknown on earth, at least we know the Neanderthals used an early form of telecommunications in order to communicate over large distances. In fact, Neanderthals used the first documented form of telecommunications by using smoke signals, banging on drums, and the blowing of horns in order to communicate with other tribes. This form of telecommunications showed humanity that it was indeed possible to communicate with other tribes over enormous distances. These antiquated ancestors of ours also taught us that their form of innovation and technology was based on their current infrastructure and available resources, much like ours is today.
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Verizon’s pioneering vision continues to push the boundaries within the telecommunications industry by also creating the first innovation incubator, which promotes modernization through their competitive development program that teaches our younger generation to achieve their life long technological dreams and visions. For instance, creating a smart pill bottle that utilizes special sensors that reminds patients to take potentially lifesaving medications thus alleviating taking double doses if one is missed. In addition, an intelligent waste and recycling program designed to reduce our economic and carbon footprint in landfills. It’s these exciting new technologies that makes Verizon a great place to work, learn, and teach our future leaders and innovators. In addition, Verizon also makes their 160,000 dedicated employees throughout the world extremely happy to work for such a respected leader in their industry. This is accomplished by offering their employees various opportunities to make a difference like, creating newer technology, state of the art innovations, and being technological pioneers within their industry. These are just some of the countless reasons why Verizon’s dedicated and countless customer’s love this telecommunications …show more content…
In addition, it probably helps that Verizon has the ability to borrow more money from various banks such as, The Bank of America, Wealth Management and Merrill Lynch Services, and Guggenheim Securities.
Verizon also seems to be the king of acquisition buyouts when they finally purchased AOL and Yahoo over the last two years for a combined buyout of $9.2 billion dollars for both companies. The Yahoo buyout was intriguing since it allowed Verizon to purchase one of Yahoo 's most rewarding assets, there digital advertising space. This asset is extremely important within the telecommunications industry since it gives Verizon the digital advertising power of Yahoo, which was the largest in their industry.
Furthermore, this venture also gives Verizon the ability to saturate the mobile digital advertising space thus crushing any of their competitors regarding advertisements. Since Verizon now owns the majority of the advertisement space, they can control which companies they want to do business with and which ones to avoid. For instance, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T will now be charged a premium if they are permitted to advertise on Yahoo 's digital commercial

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