Verbal And Nonverbal Communication Cues Essay example

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All of the research studies retain a pre and post-testing format that recordings all of its treatment sessions by occupation therapists for analysis of verbal and nonverbal communication cues, excluding the first one which lacked video data and additional feedback or assessments for precision reasons of its efficacy in place of the former. Experimental results were assembled using a randomized trial design from the participation of thirty-two children between the ages of four to eight in a convenience sample from a nearby children’s hospital wherein proceeding data from a timed bracket of ten weeks held preliminary support in the, “efficacy of a manualized intervention designed to address difficulties processing and integrating sensory information for children with ASD…[along with similar progressive enhancements improvements in their primary outcome] Goal Attainment as well as our secondary outcome measures showing improvements in self-care and social activities reflected by decreased caregiver assistance” (Schaaf et al., 2014, pp. 1503-1504). Another one had used a quasi-experimental pre and post-test design with ten kids between the ages of four to eight established as having with autism spectrum disorder seeing that, “preliminary data on interventions addressing sensory and motor difficulties in ASD are promising, there is a need for systematic, methodologically rigorous investigations of occupational therapy using sensory integration [principles] (OT/SI) to evaluate its…

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