Venture Capital Essay

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There are literally hundreds of thousands of college athletes in the United States, every one of whom was recruited in some way by the school that they decided to attend. In most cases, high athletes will consider multiple schools before eventually making a final decision. As a former college athlete myself, I took part in this exact decision making process, and can recall just how difficult and time consuming it proved to be. Today’s athletic world lacks a networking website that provides athletes and college recruiters with a convenient platform in order to connect with one another. The site will also link tournament directors with coaches of travel teams in order to address the same issues. Sportal will be the website to
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There will also be a video chat feature on the website. College recruiters or tournament directors will have the ability to send a video chat request to athletes or travel coaches, inviting them to take part in a video conversation at a specific date and time.
This website will thrive because of the fact that it’s a win-win situation for all parties involved. College recruiters want to have convenient access to potential student-athletes just as badly as potential student-athletes want to be heavily recruited. Along the same lines, tournament directors are searching for more business while travel coaches are constantly searching for potential tournaments to attend. The business will be monetized primarily through advertisements. Nike and Under Armour would be primary advertising targets for the website, given the fact that one of their largest markets are the high school and college athletic communities. Nike and Under Armour wish to have their brand worn by these top-tier athletes just as much as the athletes desire to wear the brand themselves. Again, this is a win-win situation for both groups involved. As the popularity of the website grows, a yearly subscription fee will be introduced in exchange for access to the website and all of its features.

Marketing description

There are approximately 400,000 men and women student-athletes who participate

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