Values Of Justice, Democracy, And Freedom

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As a member of the organizing council, I argue that the values of justice, democracy, and freedom should guide the decisions about the structure of the new society’s government and social institutions. These three values promote self-advancement, which ensure an orderly society. However, I believe that each value has limitations when it serves to harm innocent people, thus impeding their advancement in society. I will discuss the value of justice to exemplify that no individual should serve merely as a means to an end, followed by a discussion of democracy to represent communal decision making, and end with a discussion of freedom which drives choice.
Justice means equitable and fair treatment of, or behavior towards, all individuals residing
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Democracy, when lived out in practice, allows individuals to choose representatives to govern society. This is accomplished by providing individuals with voting rights to speak against, or in favor of, a specific representative. For example, similar to the United States’ Presidential elections, the new society elects representatives suitable for making sound decisions for the governing body. I believe that the value of democracy is important for a society to uphold because it allows individuals to choose a leader that resonates with their own value system. Democracy also guides the government and social institutions to distinguish right from wrong through a collective law making body and existing moral standards. A collective decision-making process where a governing body is chosen by individuals in the society is efficient in promoting self-advancement. People are more likely to be advocates of the government and its constituent policies, laws, and decisions when given the right to participate in the election

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