Values Essay: The Challenge Of Cultural Relativism?

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Cultural relativism is a concept where all individuals and their cultures are of equal value. Oftentimes, individuals may be forced, due to current economic or financial conditions, to proceed in an environment that it is not favorable to them. The concept though relies on the opportunity that one day these individuals may be able to live in an environment where their morals and beliefs are accepted. The opposite of relativism is consequentialism. Consequentialism bases moral rules on the consequences. For example, if your views are to spread happiness in order to relieve suffering than one accepts the views of consequentialism. From the Webster dictionary, morality is defined as “beliefs about what right behavior is and what wrong behavior is.” Therefore, morals vary from person to person, race to race, and culture to culture. They are commonly known to be motivated by emotions. …show more content…
The Callatians, a tribe of Indians, ate the bodies of their dead fathers while, on the other hand, the Greeks practiced cremation. One practice may seem more acceptable to one person than to another so a line should be drawn. How can one argue that what one may practice is considered socially acceptable than the other? There are several cases and examples that can be listed that make the line so thin and shaky. In this paper, an argument against cultural relativism will be presented. By doing so, an elaboration and expansion on the topic in depth with examples of what it is and how it opposes to consequentialism will be described. I will be arguing against the concept of cultural

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