Vaccines Should Be Distributed Without Restraint And On A Priority

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Due to the lack of funding developing countries don’t have a large access to the Public Healthcare benefits that developed and stable countries have. Underdeveloped or developing countries consist of places with less economic, industry, money and most important health care. Diseases are one the leading factors of sickness and death in developing countries and this is ignored by many. One may argue that there isn’t a need to send money for public health care in struggling countries that lack education. Many researchers believe that vaccines are more important; however, I argue that they aren’t emphasized as they should be because vaccines are vital for developing countries, the infectious disease more dangerous with each growing strain, and diseases affect children quicker than others. Due to this, I am arguing that vaccines should be distributed without restraint and on a priority basis to underdeveloped countries as Africa.
It had been proven that millions of kids lives have been saved due to exposure to vaccines. Many people argue the safety of vaccines, but disregard the positive effect and success of vaccines. “Vaccination in 1796 was innovating and used for 200 years, with updates and eradicate smallpox” (Jenner). Vaccines have been helping people for many years to fight the most dangerous diseases in places like China, Africa, and Turkey. Giving children’s immune system naturally fighting infectious diseases vaccines aren’t needed. Others argue that vaccines can cause…

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