Essay on Vaccines Are Safe, And Vaccines

2394 Words Aug 25th, 2016 null Page
Ever since the discovery of vaccines people have been able to avoid diseases and the devastating effects of vaccine preventable diseases such as death and injury. Vaccine play a major role in our society defending our families, communities and loved ones against outbreaks and epidemics as well as reducing the risk of unwanted consequences. Despite the long history of successful vaccination, vaccines remain a very controversial subject. Over the course of history vaccine preventable diseases have killed or seriously injured many, simply because there was no vaccine available or the individuals refused to receive a vaccination. Vaccinations are a marvel of modern day science; vaccines have been made safer and more effective than ever before. Vaccines need to be made mandatory to protect the whole community due to the fact that vaccines are the only medically and scientifically proven way to prevent illness, also because vaccines are safe, and vaccines save time and money on the long run. Ever Since the first vaccine was discovered and developed by British physician Dr. Edward Jenner, vaccines have been an effective tool in fighting diseases. Vaccines are the only effective way to prevent and protect the human body against infections and disease. The CDC states “Vaccines will remain the most effective tool we possess for preventing disease and improving public health” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). A Vaccine is a product that is usually administered…

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