Vaccines And Antibiotics Affect The Development Of The Human Immune System

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Links between the human immune system, pathogens, antibiotic resistance and mutations are discussed in this report. It is stated that the antibiotic resistance and overuse of vaccine has contributed to the increased incidence of emerging diseases and resistance to their controls and treatments. The human immune system is the protection of the body against potentially damaging foreign bodies and other disease. Pathogens are organisms, including a bacterium, a virus or a fungus and these causes diseases in other organisms. Functions of the immune system and the use of vaccines, antibiotics and the effects of resistance to antibiotics in medicine and agriculture are also discussed. Preliminary research will determine whether the statement is factually …show more content…
A vaccinations’ purpose is to introduce a pathogen such as bacteria or viruses to the immune system, which the person can develop immunity to the pathogen while not experiencing disease. A portion of the pathogen is injected into the body so the immune system can easily recognise it as an invader and since the pathogen is inactivated, there should be no cause of disease. Vaccinations produce an incorrect immune response and the vaccines used today were developed through poor understanding of the function of the immune system itself. The paper titled, “Vaccine Strategies: Targeting Helper T Cell Responses”, addressed in 1995 considers the need to elicit the T cell response through the vaccination. “Although vaccination has been used for centuries, the technologies are largely empirical with little understanding of the underlying immunological principles and physiological mechanisms.” ("How Vaccines Affect The Immune System | Vaccine Decision” 2011-2016). This means, that although vaccinations have been continuously used throughout the past, present, and soon the future, the understanding of how vaccines positively help the body without any side effects is slim. Antibiotics affect the human immune system by permanently changing the system and killing bacteria. Good bacteria are eliminated with the bad bacteria, so therefore the ability for the body to produce the appropriate immune cells is altered. The problem is that once antibiotics have been overused, the body has no natural process of defending itself. The weakening of the body’s immune system is caused by this overuse in the constant fight against degenerative and chronic diseases that harm the

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